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Jimmy’s Arcade - Terry Anderson

I'd like to thank the fine people down at Jimmy's Arcade for all of their $upport (they gave us almost $50!...in tokens…) in the making of this record. Of course, there were others too! Miss Tiny threw in $40! (Well, she took it off of what I owed her...) and Winstead's was there for us when we needed them...(I mean literally, they were right there...in my backyard). I'd also like to thank the fine folks down at Tamarak. We make a lot of trips through West Virginia, and there ain't a better rest stop in the state! You really ought to stop in there one day and look at all of them do-dads and whatnots they got piled up in there! And folks, I'll tell you what, you won't get a better cheese dog than the ones you git down there at Jack’s, and you won’t find a slaw that tastes like that…anywhere! I mean ANYWHERE! And finally of course, I have to thank myself, Terry Anderson Painting for doing some of the purtiest painting that I have ever seen! Like the ad says, I can cut around a gnat's ass with a six inch wall brush! And you can ask my customers if I can cut a straight line or not, they'll tell ya! So, if’n y'all need some painting done, gimme a call. I'm in the book!

Well Terry's done it again. From the sweet hills of Bunn NC, and collaborating with some of the finest musicians in Raleigh Terry Anderson has once again put out a diamond!! Everyone can and should enjoy this one. From my first listen it reminds me of Zappa meets Brian Wilson. As a concept album, I get it and I love it. I hope he will continue to share some more concepts with us all in the future. The tongue in cheek humor mixed with heartfelt lyrics on this round is sure to please. I dig it!! I can't wait for the vinyl!!!!

Terry Anderson – Jimmy’s Arcade
Terry Anderson Jimmy’s Arcade is smart. It’s funny. Anderson has written some songs that are kinda like the roller coaster at a country fare. While you’re on the ride, you laugh, you cry, and even scream a little. And when the coaster stops, you wanna do it again.
Shortly after a one minute introduction of sorts, the band kicks things off with a humorous look at “Internetin”. “Never Get Enough of You” has a bar room blues flavor to it that hits this listener just right. And he’s just getting started.
“Punchline” is a straight up pop song with a killer hook, jangly guitars and lyrics that are eminently relatable. “Cash That Check” is another blues infused number that hooks you from the first few seconds. Things really kick into high gear as Anderson channels Rockpile and Dave Edmunds for “Eat My Dust”. “Cornbread” is perhaps my favorite track on Jimmy’s Arcade. It’s the closest thing I’ve heard (thematically) to an old favorite of mine, Dan Penn’s “Memphis Women and Chicken”. What’s the next best thing to food? Songs about food.
Anderson & Co. conclude with the perfect song to end the LP, the heartfelt “Carl Wilson”.
Imagine Hee Haw repackaged as a pop-rock opera. Some really great pop songs lay between humorous commercial interludes to make for a hick concept album of sorts. And it’s probably the funnest (is that a word?) album of the year. So check out Terry Anderson Jimmy’s Arcade.

- Richard Rossi


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