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Capital T
Capital T
The first thing you need to know about The T's is this:
They are rock. 

They're not this kind of rock or that kind of rock. They are just fist-pumping, chorus-screaming, guitar-blistering rock. The kind that channels the best hooks from a variety of influences: Cheap Trick, The Donnas, T Rex, Blue Oyster Cult and The Cult. The kind that would sound equally awesome from the speakers of a souped-up Trans Am, or a pair of massive old Koss headphones. The kind that you need to pop in your CD player right now in order to hear to believe.

The second thing you need to know about the T's is this: They're ready to take over, and their debut CD,
Capital T (Doublenaught Records), is their ammunition. They've already conquered the thriving Raleigh, N.C., scene in an incredibly short time; their first show was a last-minute set at local watering hole Slim's in July, 2006.

Produced by and Dave Bartholomew (Tres Chicas, Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kicking Team) and the band,
Capital T roars out of the starting gate with "Buy My Tape," with a pounding guitar Stephens desperate cry: "When I see you again, will we still be friends? See you again, when I see you!" Andy, who knows his way around a blistering guitar solo, takes over vocal duties for pop gems "Big Girl Pants" and "Goin' Nowhere." Meanwhile, rock-solid rhythm team Gary and Lutie keep that racecar humming along, with Lutie getting in her own bratty vocal jabs on "How It's Done." But the song that sums up The T's has to be "Make Me Pretty," a menacing, swaggering, sexy rocker that pounds like a hammer on the back of your skull. Just before Andy lets loose with another fleet-fingered guitar onslaught, Stephen yells, "But! She likes to rock!"

She must be listening to The T's.

$ 7.97